ElasticCreeper BungeeCord Create Server

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Creating a server is very simple, once you have followed the instructions located here.

  • You'll need to download a plugin for your Bukkit server, or create your own. One that we recently used on our testing server is BungeePortals.
  • Using this plugin, and after using the commands to set up the portal, type "/bportals create PB_" where PB_ is the prefix configured in BungeeProvision.yml. The above command will create a portal to a gamemode that is automatically provisioned on the fly, using our API. Once someone passes through it it will let them know that it's connecting, and then transfer them and any other waiting players once it's done.
  • If a random server is full, it will re-provision a new one.
  • If you want a fixed number of servers, you can use PB_anything, where anything is an identifier for the server.

This should cover the basics, but please open a ticket if you have any questions.