ElasticCreeper BungeeCord Plugin

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How to configure the BungeePlugin

First, start with downloading the plugin. Latest builds can be found here

Place the plugin in your Bungee Plugins folder, and start up Bungee. This will create a default config, which will look like this:

key: # Control panel, Settings -> API Access
secret:  LOLzThisIsSecretLolz111
timeout: 120
     - prefix: PB_ # Prefix - will automatically provision a server if it begins - e.g. PB_2
       game:   custom # Custom - means the custom field will be a zip it wgets
       ram:    1 # Amount of ram in GB
       time:   1 # Amount of time in hours
       custom: # Custom stuffs

Let's explain what this means!

  • key
    Aries API key. Can be found by going to the CreeperHost control panel, and going to Settings -> API Access
  • secret
    Secret to authenticate with the API. Same place as the above key.
  • timeout
    The period between checking the server to see if it is has been empty twice in a row, and if it should be extended as there are people already in the game
  • servers
    This is a list of servers - format below
    • prefix
      The prefix that is used for the gamemodes. The example here means that the server will be generated with PB_[1-100] if a random server is generated.
    • game
      The type of game. Only custom is supported at this time.
    • ram
      The amount of ram to provision - up to 4Gb
    • time
      The amount of time you want the server for. Can be from 1 to 6 hours, and can be extended dynamically.
    • custom
      A wgettable link which will be downloaded and extracted upon server provision. An example template is here:

Want more information on how to create a server? Check here!