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At CreeperHost we use sFTP and SCP. This is due to how secure and how fast the protocol is.

sFTP is ideal for: uploading a map, custom jar, custom modpack, downloading a map and editing configs

How to use sFTP with CreeperHost

‎Firstly you will need an FTP client capable of SFTP, for the purposes of these guides, we are using WinSCP - a lightweight, simple (yet powerful!) SFTP/FTP/SCP client for Windows based operating systems.

WinSCP Guide

CyberDuck Guide

SFTP Wrapper Guide

To quickly load up WinSCP, you can use our wrapper to automatically launch WinSCP and log you in without messing around with usernames/passwords/ports/protocols etc. It's super easy!

  • Windows only - Sorry MAC/Linux users, you'll have to use one of the SFTP guides; WinSCP, CyberDuck

Step 1) Make sure you have .NET Framework 4.0 (or higher) installed from Microsoft's website. This is needed for the wrapper to work properly.

Step 2) On the Virtual/Dedicated Server > SSH/SFTP access page, click the Click Here hyperlink in the "But I'm so confused!" text below it:

"Don't panic! We also have a program designed to make this process much easier, it requires Microsoft Windows and .NET Framework 4.0 or above. Click Here to install our sFTP wrapper."

If you are struggling to find it... ---> CLICK THIS <--- Once you have downloaded the application, simply run it and click install, then close the application once complete.

Step 3) Head on over back to the SSH/SFTP access page and click the Get SSH/SFTP Key button and then Download PuTTY .chppk, this will download your PPK file, a tiny little file crammed with information on how to connect to your system.

  • Note: These keys expire after approx. 90 mins, after which you have to download a new one.

Double click or right click open the PPK, it should now automatically open the wrapper and log you into SFTP and any future PPK's you download from us will open in the same way!