Minecraft World Upload

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Uploading your own world to your CreeperHost Minecraft server is easy and straightforward!

Custom Worlds

This section is for uploading your own world file to your server.

Firstly, you'll need to connect to your server via SFTP; click the link for a guide.

Always connect with the 'minecraft' username. Once you're connected, you'll be in the /home/minecraft directory - just upload your world folder by copying it from your own computer to your server in the SFTP window.

If you use instances for Minecraft, you will need to upload your file to the relevant instance;

  • /home/minecraft/ - Default instance
  • /home/minecraft/mc-instances/instanceidhere/* - Custom instance

When your world folder has finished uploading, head over to your LitePanel > Minecraft [1] > Settings [2], scroll down to the level name section, and type the folder name of the world you uploaded, this will tell Minecraft to load your newly uploaded world folder. Save these settings at the bottom of the page before starting your server.