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This page is dedicated to getting new users integrated and set up with CreeperHost. We will be covering everything from setting up your account; choosing what type of service you want; naming the service and finally paying for the service. This will be split up into many different sections so that the more experienced type of user can skip the parts that are not necessary for them.

Setting up an account

Before going into details we must set up an account first!

Setting up an account is extremely easy, it is already set up for you after you go through the process of purchasing a service from the page

Ordering the service for you

We will go through each package individually to determine which is the best for you. Each package can accommodate a user in a different way. A Zombie (2gb) server may be able to accommodate 5 users on a modpack but it could accommodate nearly 35 on a Vanilla/Bukkit server. CreeperHost will never recommend a set amount of slots for each server as each user is unique with their set up. We sell resources, not slots (a common phrase used by us).

Here are the packages available and brief recommendations for Minecraft:

  1. Magma-Cube - This is one of our newest packages that we have just released. This has been designed for one or two users for modpacks, FTB/Tekkit packs to be precise. This will only work with modpacks that are lightweight, such as FTBLite2 and TekkitLite. Users like to have a VPS option like this as they can increase their frame rate and increase their TPS when building more machines. (Single player emulates a server and puts a lot of strain on the users computer when using a modpack). These are designed for single player/duo player in mind.
  2. Silverfish - Previously known as our "Slime" server is what we call our 'entry' level of server. This package is designed for all types of Minecraft servers. On a Vanilla/Bukkit server you will typically be looking to accommodate for 5-10 users (depending on your set up) and on a modded server, around 3-5 (depending on your set up). We find that after a month or two on this package, our users upgrade to something a bit more powerful as their communities grow.
  3. Chicken Jockey - Introducing one of our newest packages, this offers the best performance for clients that are looking to play with one or two people on a modded server. We are tending to find that this package is becoming more and more popular and is a recommended package by many of our staff.
  4. Zombie - This is another entry type of package but it has a little more kick than the Silverfish. This is our most common package as it suites small communities very well. We have had users that run PvP games (hunger games) for about 40 users on this package. This is due to the map being small and view distance set low. However, this may only accommodate 5-8 users on a modpack server. Important note - This is the lowest package which can support Terraria(Tshock) and Starbound.
  5. Cave Spider - Another one of our newest packages that we offer, this is mainly aimed towards the modded based servers and is favoured to be the best next upgrade from the Chicken Jockey package if clients are finding that their servers are not coping with the high memory demands that the modded servers incur.
  6. Spider - This package is absolutely ideal for growing communities. It can accommodate a fairly good amount of users whether it be Vanilla/Bukkit or modded. It is our least used package but it is perfect for some communities that need a mediocre populated server. It is also great for handling a small mod community as well. Similar to a Zombie, however, it just has that extra gb of ram.
  7. Spider Jockey - This is the highest end package that we offer which, has 2 dedicated CPU cores. If you are looking at running a fairly popular Bukkit/Vanilla server then this is the ideal package for you, if you are running a small populated modded server then this will also be perfect for you.
  8. Skeleton - Now we are starting to get a bit more serious. We are starting to look into having more than just two cores for your server, we are looking into a three core server! Minecraft itself can only use one core (two if you include dumping), As for Vanilla/Bukkit, you are looking at hosting quite a few users on this package with a fairly large world, the other resources can be used for community websites/teamspeaks/games as well.
  9. Zombie Pigman - Newly introduced, this is a highly requested package that we have introduced at CreeperHost. This package is ideal for hosting a couple of game servers at once, as well as a VOIP server and even a website! This package is ideal for a growing mod community and ideal for an established Vanilla/Bukkit server.
  10. Wither Skeleton - This package was introduced since the difference between a Zombie Pigman and a Creeper was too great. This package offers a slight increase in hard disk space and 512mb of memory! This package is recommended if you find that the Zombie Pigman is just not coping with a high load set up.
  11. Creeper - Our second largest VPS that we offer and this is no walk in the park. What you are looking at is an extremely powerful VPS which is ideal for the larger (but not too large) communities, it boasts a whole 4 cores to yourself! Allowing you to run Minecraft and maybe a source game alongside it at the same time, let's not forget our Apache/PHP installs for websites and forums. In the mod community, this is a dream VPS for hosting 25+ people at once.
  12. Blaze - Another server package that was introduced since the gap between the Creeper and the Enderman was too large! This is the second most powerful VPS and is recommended for the more advanced users, but can still be used with our panel if you are a new user with a large player base! This package can be used to run multiple game servers at once as well as a website and even a voice server of choice!
  13. Enderman - This is the beast, the largest VPS that we offer at CreeperHost. It can handle more than one Minecraft server at a time, a bit like a dedicated box, but this requires some SSH knowledge and Linux knowledge. This package is strongly recommended for the more experienced users as they can get the utmost out of it, you don't need SSH/Linux based knowledge for this package as it operates just like a Silverfish; this package may be ideal for a less experienced user that suddenly had an influx of users and they need to accommodate for this, the panel works exceptionally well for situations like this.
  14. EnderDragon/Wither - If you are interested in a dedicated box, then it is recommended that you contact our support lines directly to inquire about these.

From testing at the Creeperlabs, we have discovered that if you are looking to run only source games then you need to look no further than the magma-cube or Silverfish. The memory requirements on source games aren't quite as high as Minecraft and we understand that they use quite a bit of CPU and not a lot of memory. That is why the packages have been designed with a high amount of CPU allocation. The CPU allocation increases as the server package increases, not just the memory and hard disk space.

After you have finished selecting the package for you, you are ready to move onto the next page.

Choosing your name and location

Choosing the name for your server is one of the most important tasks! This cannot be changed after your server has been set up, so make sure it is the name that you want. Don't be disappointed if your name is already in use, we have a lot of servers and names do collide! (Important note - Ensure that you have Jscript enabled on your web browser or else it could cause issues at a later stage of your server being installed). Your name sub-domain with CreeperHost will be a nice short "" and you are also provided with a dedicated IP if you wish to forward your own domain.

When choosing your location there are many factors that you need to think about. If you are just a close community of friends that all live in the same area or country then you will want to look at a location closest to you. However, if you are looking at hosting a large community then you have to choose a location which is mostly central to everybody or if your community is mainly US and minority EU then you would look into choosing a US location but on the east coast.

Whilst our page provides a latency checking tool, it may not work correctly for some users due to firewalls/ISP protocols. Here we have some IP's that you can use to test your latency to:

  • Maidenhead (UK) -
  • Grantham (UK) -
  • Siauliai (Lithuania) -
  • Dallas (US) -
  • Los Angeles (US) -
  • Buffalo (US) -
  • Atlanta (US) -
  • Hong Kong (Asia) -
  • Sydney (Australia) -

You can "ping" to these provided IP's to find which has the lowest latency for you. Here are a couple of guides on how to ping on Windows and on Mac:

  1. For Windows -
  2. For Mac -

Whichever has the lowest response times is the personal best for you, but that may not apply if the majority of your server is from the UK and you are from the US. Whilst it may benefit yourself, it could hinder a majority of your community. Location choice is very sensitive and should be thought out thoroughly before making a purchase. However, a member of the CreeperHost staff can transfer your VPS if you find that your location choice was wrong.

Checkout and payment options

Before selecting "Paypal"; "Credit/Debit card"; "Direct Debit" and "Paysafe Card" here is a brief description of each payment method:

  1. Paypal - This is the most common payment method that our users decide to use. Using Paypal is the most "instant" of our payments and it is recommended by CreeperHost. With Paypal, you have the ability to set up automatic payments each month when your invoice comes through. [Important note] Invoices are sent 5 days before next due and Paypal WILL withdraw the money if on a subscription.
  2. Credit/Debit Card - This is our second most common payment method and is extremely easy to use! This payment method, as default, will automatically withdraw payment each month when the next invoice is due, you can opt out of automatic payments by sending in a billing support request.
  3. Direct Debit [UK Only] - An option only available to clients in the UK, after completing an order you are taken to an external site called "GoCardless" where the direct debit order is set up; GoCardless is seamless and extremely secure. Direct debit's can take up to three days to initially process, there could be a wait on your service if you decide to take th is option.
  4. Paysafe Card - This payment method was introduced after we removed the "Mail in payment" method, Paysafe cards can be purchased in local supermarkets or convenience stores and the codes can then be used to pay your invoice that is sent out.

After making your choice of payment, read and sign the terms of service ( and hit "complete order".

You will then be sent a invoice via e-mail. If you find that after 15 minutes you have not received an e-mail, make sure to check your junk/spam mail. If you still have nothing, just open up a support ticket with CreeperHost so the staff can find out what the issue is.

Pending Installation - How long does it take?

A common question that plagues the industry is "How long does it take for my server to be set up?". CreeperHost tries to keep installations under 15 minutes after the invoice has been marked 'paid' by keeping overstock most of the time. There are some rare occurrences where installations can take up to 48 hours due to low stock and more has to be ordered in.

You will be notified when your server has been set up with a "Welcome e-mail". If you find that you haven't received anything within 15 minutes, remember your spam/junk mail. If it has still not been set up, make sure to wait the 48 hours. If it still hasn't been set up, then open a support ticket to CreeperHost's support lines.

CreeperHost Policies

For the latest CreeperHost Policies please visit our website

At CreeperHost we have some policies in place for quality assurance and quality control.

All of our 'Unlimited' options are subject to fair usage:

  1. Bandwidth fair usage is limited at 2.93TiB(3000GB) per month with exception of Hong Kong based services, where bandwidth fair usage is limited to 495MiB per 1GB ram per day, exceeding this will result in service suspension until next reset date*.
  1. Support fair usage is limited at 8 hours per month, increased to 12h for Enhanced and 16h for Advanced, exceeding this will impare your response times. Client interferance with any configuration provided by staff will result in voiding of non-essential technical support**

  • Reset date is monthly for all services except Hong Kong, Hong Kong bandwidth is reset daily.
    • These are hands on hours, and does not calculate ticket wait times.

There is a fair use policy on support, however it is extremely lenient.

We request that you only ask us for help with things you cannot resolve yourself with the included tools, and we reserve the right to de-prioritise your tickets should they place a disproportionate burden on our support team, or offer you a paid support package - these support packages will be quoted per user and are not fixed.

If any work is undone, by the client or another third party, we reserve the right to refuse further work within the active billing period.

Satisfaction Policy

At Creeperhost, we all come from the gaming community, mostly Minecraft. We either make mods, run servers ourselves, or otherwise enjoy being a part of that community. We know what we'd want from a server host, and we strive to achieve that with the services we offer.

From time to time, customers do not always agree with us, and it is our goal to ensure that they remain satisfied.

It is our policy to provide credits and refunds in the following circumstances;

1) Full refunds are available;

   A) Within the first 48 hours when provided with a written, complete reason for you being dis-satisfied with our service.

   B) Within the first week for technical issues assuming at least 72 hours have been given to our technical support team to resolve any issues.* 

2) Pro-rata refunds are available;

   A) Within the first month of service creation, assuming a full and complete written explanation is received of why you have been dis-satisfied with our service.* 

3) Account credit is available;

   A) If we have any downtime within our control that has not been scheduled at any point in your service.* 

*Policy relates to your Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server only, and does not include the free tools we include to assist with the management of your server or any free domain names included.

Any credit balance is no longer a currency and can only be spent at CreeperHost; this is due to the fact that credit balance can be obtained through multiple methods and shared methods