Using The Control Panel

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For a guide on using CreeperPanel Lite, click here

The Creeper control panel is an extremely powerful tool that has been developed by the main founder of Creeperhost. It is extremely new user friendly and has been designed for the advanced users as well. This page will be dedicated to explaining what each tab on the control panel does. This is a recommended read as it can greatly help you in the future of developing your server!


This is located on the right hand side of the control panel. These options allow to you to start; stop and restart your service of choice. You click the bar once to list the selection of softwares that you have installed, you then click that option and click start once more.


This is the main tab on the CreeperCP which contains four sub tabs, these are:

  1. Console & logging - This is the page you default log into, the page provides you with a history of what account on what IP has logged on; the main console and command box for Minecraft and other games that you may have installed; package information and IP/Sub-domain address.
  2. Tutorials - This page is dedicated to providing visual tutorials for users. They have been updated to the latest control panel and will constantly have more added as time goes along.
  3. Extras - You will find that this is a mini vault of legacy programs based off the current CreeperAPI, some of the software may work whereas others may not.
  4. Creeperlabs - This is a direct link to our community website to which you can sign up an account to comment/rate/post anything you would like to. It's a great little community site where everyone can get together.


A little control area to view tickets and invoices

  1. View Tickets - Here you can view your history of tickets with Creeperhost and make replies. If your ticket is closed, you cannot reply to it.
  2. Open Ticket - This is the tab that you will use when you have an issue with your service, you simply make sure to send it to the right department; give it a brief description and then describe your problem in as much detail as possible below
  3. Invoices - You will find a list of your paid and unpaid invoices on this tab, you can also access the invoice directly by clicking "view" so you can take action on this invoice

Minecraft [IMPORTANT]

This is the main control base of your Minecraft server! This is extremely important and it is recommended that you read this section!

  1. Server Properties - Here you will find the main options to configure your server! Here is a great community wiki that explains what each of the options on the Server Properties page does - - there are a couple that are unique to CreeperHost, "Run as root" and "Memory allowance" you do not need to touch these unless specified by a member of staff from CreeperHost.
  2. Plugins Manager - This is a very powerful tool on the CreeperCP which allows you to search and install Bukkit plugins on the fly! Simply use the search bar to find a plugin of choice using it's exact name or description and then click install. After this, you need to simply reboot the server for the changes to take effect. You can also disable or delete your plugins from the "installed plugins" list as well.
  3. YAML Editor - A bit of an odd name, but this is just another name for "Plugin config manager". It will detect all plugin configurations that are in a YAML format. If you find that your configuration is not being detected then you will have to use sFTP to edit that specific file.
  4. Software Selection (VERY IMPORTANT) - This is where you select what type of server you want to run. Whether this be Bukkit; Vanilla or a modpack of choice. Ensure that you choose the correct version that you would like to use. There are many different versions of Minecraft across many different packs! All versions are labelled to make it easier for you! If you plan on using Bukkit with FTB, you must install the Modpack first THEN you install MCPC+ Legacy/MCPC+ Latest (depending on your version)
  5. Reset World - This feature was requested for quite a long time at CreeperHost which was finally added! This is quite a dangerous tool if used in the wrong hands! This will completely reset your world to NOTHING and it does NOT take a back up and the world will be lost forever after deleting.


This area contains vital information and installations for use of software on your VPS.

  1. Remote access details - On this tab you will find the information to log into your VPS with SSH and sFTP. You can also regenerate your passwords by clicking "Generating a new password" on that page. This information is used quite a lot for advanced configurations and set ups.
  2. Crontab/crontask scheduler - This is where you would set up your own scheduled tasks. You can set up tasks such as rebooting, saving, broadcasting or even VPS commands itself! Here is a tutorial on how to use this page Using the cron task
  3. VoIP Software - You can install Teamspeak; Ventrilo or Mumble from this page for absolutely no extra cost! These are the free versions of the software which allows a 32 slot Teamspeak, an 8 slot Ventrilo and an unlimited slot Mumble. These can all be configured using sFTP. We cannot currently offer support on these as it would break our license agreements.
  4. Game Software - CreeperHost not only offers Minecraft..we also offer various steam games alongside your Minecraft server! These are absolutely FREE for install. You will find that after installing Steam you will find that a new tab called "Steam" will appear to which you can install many Steam games. Installed games will show up a separate console to choose from and they will also appear in the start/stop/restart function.
  5. System Software - This tab contains one click installs for MySQL, Apache/PHP, CreeperBouncer. MySQL comes with PhPMyAdmin and the link for the PhPMyAdmin will be found under the system tab and then "MySQL" manager. You are given full access to your MySQL. Apache/PhP is the install of software to enable you to make and use a forums on your VPS; the default web folder will be located under /home/minecraft/www, this will be configurable via sFTP. CreeperBouncer is a form of flood detection and prevention to protect you from harmful users that use spam bots/flooders. (This is not full DDOS protection!).

Backup & Restore

This page is completely dedicated to keeping your server backed up and secure in case any mishaps occur!

  1. Backup - You will find two types of back ups here, local and remote. A local back up will simply back your files up to your /home/backups directory to which you can restore them at any time from the restore tab. A single remote back up is a back up that is placed into our "CreeperVault" which is kept stored forever, this type of back up must be requested through our ticket system! You will also find an option for lifetime remote back ups, this will make all offsite options cost nothing after purchase.
  2. Automatic Backup - In this tab we will find the option for nightly back ups, this is exactly the same as your local back up; however it just runs every night at 12am GMT. You will also find a remote weekly back up option available which will back your server up every single Sunday at 12am GMT. Just like the normal remotely back ups, this will never be deleted from the CreeperVault.
  3. View and Restore - This page is where you can restore the back ups from view that you may have taken. If you would like a restore of an offsite back up, then you will need to open a support ticket up to one of our staff to get that organised and sorted for you (remote back ups will not show on the panel for security reasons!).


This page is where you can turn many settings on and off that are related to your service and control panel!

  1. Alerts and Recovery - On this page you can determine whether you would like to be alerted of certain features of the control panel via e-mail or SMS. This would be to confirm nightly back ups, remote back ups or it could even let you know if your server has crashed! If you would like crash detection and recovery, then you must enable the "Recover Server" option on the same page.
  2. API Access - This is just an information page for users that want to utilise the CreeperAPI. You may find your CreeperAPI key directly in front of you when clicking into that page and you will find an option to regenerate it as well in case you need a new one for some reason! You will also find documentation on the API as well if you are into developing.
  3. Sub-accounts - Possibly one of the most important features when running a Minecraft community! Doing it all by yourself can be tiring and having a friend help you is always a breath of fresh air. On this tab you will find many different options and permissions that you can give the certain user. Make sure that you do not use an e-mail that is already being used at CreeperHost as it it may not work correctly!

If you have absolutely any issues, please do not hesitate to contact CreeperHost's support lines!